Here is a list of documents / computer procedures that I share for all legal educational purposes. These procedures are not official procedures but are versions of documentations that I have modified. If you find a version that is out of date, I invite you to contact me via the contact form so that I can update this version. If you need a procedure that is not yet present on this site, you can also contact me via the contact form so that I can make this procedure for you.


Documents Debian :

In this category, server procedures (Web, Database, Reverse proxy…). services like Apache2, Ngnix, Mariadb… and use of the Debian operating system are available.

Documents Debian

Windows procedures :

In the Windows category, there are procedures of Windows Server (Windows Server features and roles) and Windows Pro are available.

Documents Windows

Documents Virtualization and Containerization :

In this category, procedures on virtualization with virtual machines and containers.

Documents Virtualisation

WordPress procedures :

In the WordPress category, there are procedures to improve your website as well as optimize it. SEO methods and speed optimizations.


In case of problems with one of the available procedures, I invite you to contact me via the contact page and to consult the official documentations (e.g. Debian). Before following the computer procedure, I advise you to check the versions used and the current versions because the instructions can vary and be different.

To find the official documentations of the Open-source software / applications, they are generally available on the Github of the projects, and can also be present on an official site. You can also find unofficial procedures which I advise you to check each operation before performing them.