During my school and professional career, I had the opportunity to participate in several projects. Often related to programming or computer science, the projects are work that I enjoy doing because they allow the creation of a tool that can help / improve the current conditions.

Here is the list of projects I have done :

Braille printer :

During my schooling in STI2D, I could realize this project in group of 4 persons. My place in this project was to lead it. My mission was to manage the tasks and to coordinate the project as well as to develop the microcontroller which directed the motors and the servo-motors of the printer. Our project was to create a Braille printer using electronic boards called “Arduino” made of micro-controllers. We also had 3D printers as tools.

The goal of this project was to make braille printers more accessible to people with visual impairments. A traditional braille printer costs about 2000€ to purchase, and our goal was to reduce the cost to 200€ to make braille printers more accessible.

We divided the tasks and assigned ourselves the following roles :Two people for the development of the mobile application and the microcontroller.

– Two people for the development of the mobile application and the microcontroller.
– And the other two for the design of the case and the marking system of the sheet.

We were able to reduce the construction costs of the printer by using a mobile sheet marking system. This process saved the use of electronic components and reduced production costs.

Our team was inspired by this project :

Project Braille Printer
Here is a project on which our team was inspired to create our printer.